Episode 5: Miserable Failure Podcast, Featuring Jenarchy of War On Women and NOMORE

Episode 5 features my good friend Jenarchy from War on Women and NOMORE.

On this episode I got to have a long conversation with Jenarchy about growing up in Florida, making music with her friends, touring and recording with War On Women and taking stand up comedy lessons. Music by War On Women, NOMORE, Jenarchy, and Greeenhorn. 


Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure (THEME)
War On Women – Wonderful Hell
NOMORE – Manufacturing Consent
NOMORE – Stars In Motion
War On Women – Silence Is The Gift
Jenarchy – So So Sold
Mikey And His Uke – All I Want (The Offspring Cover)
Greeenhorn – I Want More
Jenarchy – With Arms Like These

Episode Summary

Recorded and edited by
Crusty Media.
Mastered by
Steve Rizun at Drive Studios.

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