Episode 3: Miserable Failure Podcast, Featuring Cone McCaslin of Sum 41

On this installment of “The Miserable Failure Podcast”, I caught up with Cone McCaslin, bassist of Sum 41. We talk all things Cone including Sum 41, Operation MD, and his recent involvement with Hank Von Hell, notorious former frontman of Scandinavia’s Turbonegro.


Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure (THEME)
Sum 41 – 45 (A Matter Of Time)
The Operation M.D. – Sayonara
Mikey And His Uke – I’m So Bored With The USA (The Clash Cover)
Hank Von Hell – Radio Show
Sum 41 – Metallica Medley (Live At MTV Icon)
Sum 41 – Welcome To Hell

Episode Summary

Recorded and edited by
Crusty Media.
Mastered by
Steve Rizun at Drive Studios.

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