Michael Amaral (aka “Crusty”) is a freelance photographer, product photographer and videographer specializing in concerts, music videos and band promotion, a musician and podcast host. There’s no stage too far, no mosh pit too rowdy for Michael to get the shot.

Michael’s professional credits include editing, writing, and photography for online webzine The Heavy Press, photography for online webzine Canadian Beats, photography for various album covers/inserts for Canadian bands, and product photography for local businesses. On top of that, Michael is skilled in graphic design. He has created and organized album artwork and layouts, concert posters, and business/band logos.

Michael is proficient in videography and has a plethora of music videos he has shot and directed. No idea is out of reach, and he loves to create and collaborate with artists to make original video concepts, as well as basic performance videos, and live promo videos for bands. In 2019, Michael won a Mississauga Music award for his video for Lawless Sons’ song ‘Mufasa’.

In 2020, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the workload and need for concert photography came to a crashing halt. Michael was able to find inspiration through creating music videos of covers made remotely by collaborating artists from around the world. Michael teamed up with musician Mikey Hawdon and producer Steve Rizun for ‘Mikey and his Uke’ and produced multiple videos released weekly over the course of months of lockdown. During this time, Michael also created a series of his own collaborative music covers which can be found on his YouTube channel. He has collaborated with Tony Hawk, Moby, Descendants, Billy Talent, Rise Against, Anthrax, Danko Jones, Sum 41, Goldfinger, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Offspring, among many others. In November MICHAELxCrusty and Crusty Media won a Mississauga Music Award for “Best Online Content” with over 70 music videos, 1 musical documentary, 1 tv show pilot and 7 live-stream events all either edited, filmed and or directed by Michael in 2020.

In 2021 Michael started a new podcast with producer Steve Rizun. It features weekly guests chatting about their music and is hosted by Michael. “The Miserable Failure Podcast” has released 55 episodes and counting, and has had guests such as Luke Bentham (The Dirty Nil), Cone (Sum 41), Lou Koller (Sick Of It All). As well, into 2022 Mikey and his Uke continues to grow and share new videos, having reached over 3 million views on YouTube.


Valerie Knox “Loki” – Single – Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Keys – 2021 (Anxiety Attack Recordings)

Cathartic Demise “In Absence” – Album – Artwork Layout – 2021

No Big Deal “A Million Things” – Single – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Artwork Design – 2021

Doghouse Rose “The Harder They Fall” – Album – Guitar & Backing Vocals – 2020 (Stomp Records)

No Big Deal “Bad Vaccine” – Single – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Artwork Design – 2020

Raider “Guardian Of The Fire” – Album – Album Layout – 2020

The Anti-Queens “The Anti-Queens” – Album – Bass, Artwork Layout – 2019 (Stomp Records)

The Dirty Nil “Bathed In Light” – Single – Photography – 2018 (Dine Alone Records)

No Big Deal “Smile Politely” – EP – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Artwork Layout & Design – 2018

No Big Deal “Take The Bait” – EP – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Artwork Layout & Design – 2016

No Big Deal “Time For Love” – EP – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Artwork Layout & Design – 2014

Christian James Band “Little By Little” – Album – Percussion, Artwork Layout – 2013

MFR “Beatz Is Up” – Album – Producer, Mixer, Drum Programmer, Vocals, Artwork Layout & Design – 2010

Endorphins “Where Evil Lies” – Album – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Artwork Layout & Design – 2006 (Urgent Music Records)

Endorphins “Volume One” – EP – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Artwork Layout & Design – 2002